WOODROW, Keith (Father)
Father25 Jan 1902WOODROW, John (Grandfather)
Mother1905BARTLETT, Ethel Florence (Grandmother)
Birth27 Aug 1927Southampton, Herts
PictureAbout 1967Keith Woodrow RHKP Photo
PictureDec 2002Keith Woodrow

KIRKWOOD, Morag Smith (Mother)
Father14 Apr 1886KIRKWOOD, James (Grandfather)
Mother29 Jan 1883ROBERTSON, Mary McNeil (Grandmother)
Birth6 Oct 1924Kirn and Argyll District
PictureDec 2004Morag Woodrow (nee Kirkwood)

Family of WOODROW, Keith & KIRKWOOD, Morag Smith
Marriage15 Jun 1957Kowloon Union Church, Hong Kong.
Boy Living (Self)
Boy Living

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