WOODROW, Mary Patricia (Mae) (First Cousin)
Father22 Jul 1924WOODROW, John Edward (Ian) (Uncle)
MotherUnknownSTEELE, Helena
Birth14 Mar 1947Southampton

ATKINSON, William (male)

Family of WOODROW, Mary Patricia (Mae) & ATKINSON, William
Marriage26 Sep 1964Unknown
Girl Living
Boy Living
Girl Living

WOODROW, Alexander (male)
Father23 Jul 1811WOODROW, Alexander (Third Great Grandfather)
Mother1823STRATHERN, Janet
Birth1846Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Picture1867Alexander Woodrow and Catherine Shearer - Marriage

SHEARER, Catherine (female)
Birth1846Rutherglen, Lanarkshire
Picture1867Alexander Woodrow and Catherine Shearer - Marriage

Family of WOODROW, Alexander & SHEARER, Catherine
Marriage14 Jun 1867157 Crown Point Street
Boy1870WOODROW, Alexander
Girl1872WOODROW, Magdaline
Girl1874WOODROW, Elizabeth
Boy1878WOODROW, John (Jack)
Boy1880WOODROW, Robert (Bob)
Girl1883WOODROW, Annie
Boy26 Jan 1885WOODROW, Archibald
Boy2 Jul 1889WOODROW, Joseph

WOODROW, Magdaline (female)
Father1846WOODROW, Alexander
Mother1846SHEARER, Catherine
Birth1872Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Living (male)

Family of WOODROW, Magdaline
Boy Living

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